Continuous lighting kit studio - Fluorescent

Lighting with daylight fluorescent lamps is advisable when a continual lighting is needed.
We have a wide range of different studio lamps, studio lamps with softboxes, lamp holders and lamp holders with umbrellas (miscellaneous versions). Also DMX guided versions are available.
Complete sets with 2 lamps + 2 supports + 2 umbrellas or softboxes, ready for use as photo or filmstudio.
When purchasing a complete set you save substantial cash compared to the purchase of individual appliances.
Highly competitive prices. Own repair service. Ample stocks

illuStar® continuous lighting is extremely suitable for lighting in TV studio and video productions.
Is ideal for lighting during recording of journals and interviews, recordings with a green background and for product and portrait photography.
illuStar® continuous lighting is suitable for starting a video production studio at home for making YouTube videos, product videos, short films ....
Make stunning videos with your iPhone, Smartphone or compact camera thanks to the affordable LED lighting panels from illuStar.
Ideal as lighting for product and portrait photography together with your Smartphone, iPhone or compact camera.

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