Pixel Battery Pack TD-382 for Nikon Camera Speedlite Flash Guns
The Pixel TD-382 Battery Pack for Nikon Speedlites provides you with sufficient power for your Nikon speedlite. The TD-382 is powered by 8 AA batteries (not included), which are split into 2 groups of 4 batteries (see photo 2). By having the 2 different groups of batteries, the TD-382 is able to provide a charge time of 1.92 seconds per flash, which is much higher than that of the comparable battery packs. Tests have been done on this battery pack and results indicate that the TD-382 can produce 577 flashes at full power (tested with 1 flash per 30 seconds with 4 Duracell batteries). The TD-382 weighs 200 grams (without batteries) and is 170 x 72.5 x 25 mm in size. The TD-382 is supplied with a screw, enabling you to attach the battery pack to the bottom of your camera. Further, the TD-382 is supplied with a protective case, which can easily be attached to your belt for freedom of movement and security. If you wish to mount your TD-382 and camera onto a tripod, the TMB-20D camera bracket is essential. The TMB-20D can be found in the optional accessories tab below. The TD-382 is compatible with the following Nikon Speedlites: Nikon: SB-900, SB-910

Pixel Battery Pack TD-382 for Nikon Camera Speedlite Flash Guns

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TD-382; Protection cover with belt connection; Camera mounting screw; Manual

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