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At Studioflash you will always find the best deals at competitive prices ... but for our loyal customers we dare go further.

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Do you have a website as a photo club, video club, photographer, filmmaker, Micro Entreprise (for France)
Place our Studioflash banner on your website and receive a steady reduction of -15% (illuStar & Elfo) on the retail price.

Placing Studioflash banner with a link to our web site (see instructions)
Your VIP account is valid as long as the Studioflash banner / link to our web site is active.

How to apply for a VIP account?

1) For new customers:
First create a normal account with your billing information on our website
After creating your account, you can see right above your account number and account type
If desired, you can later add multiple delivery addresses (useful for photo-video clubs for direct dispatch to the members)
See point 2) for conversion to VIP customers.

2) For existing and new customers:
Make sure you are logged into our site with your email address and password
Make a request for your account to convert to a business account
Your e-mail address is already filled
The box "Message" field, enter the following: the link where the Studio Flash banner appears on your site

After confirming your account, you have direct access to the VIP prices.

Studioflash banner
Placing a banner is easy.
The html code we have already prepared for you.
Copy and paste it on you own website.