Sevenoak Universal Camera Handle SK-H02
The Sevenoak SK-H02 is a universal camera handle, to make stable video recordings with your DSLR camera and camcorder. The handle is made of metal, which guarantees a long lifetime. Application Sevenoak SK-H02 The SK-H02 handle is suitable for almost any camera, as long as it features a standard hotshoe connection. Features Sevenoak SK-H02 You can attach multiple accesories onto the 1/4" and 3/8" screw thread connectors, like a microphone or monitor. The built-in level makes sure you will always have a straight horizon A special handle makes sure you will have a good grip On top of the SK-H02 there is a hotshoe. As an example, you can attach a LED-light to this. Difference SK-H01 SK-H02 has the same functions as its previous model SK-H01. Only the thread has been slightly changed, see photo
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Sevenoak Universal Camera Handle SK-H02

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