Falcon Eyes Camera Stabilizer VST-02
The Falcon Eyes VST-02 Camera Stabilizer is suitable for cameras weighing between 1 and 5 kg. Once a camera is mounted on top of the VST-05, the stabilizer prevents, reduces and compromises unwanted camera movements to ensure stable and smooth recording. The bottom of the stabilizer can be weighed down by 4 counterweights (200 grams each), which are supplied with the VST-02. By attaching these weights, the VST-02 transforms into a mini tripod and therefore broadens your shooting and filming options.  The VST-02 ensures the camera is stabilized in various ways; the platform on which the camera is mounted can be adjusted, the number of the counterweights can be increased and decreased and the height can be adjusted between 47.5 and 80.5 cm. Once you have adjusted the VST-02 to suit your needs, the camera will retain its stability regardless of the unsteady movements made by your hand. Falcon Eyes VST-02 Camera Stabilizer Specifications The VST-02 contains a strong carbon fiber construction and is equipped with both, a ¼” and 3/8”, male screw thread, making it suitable to mount most cameras and video cameras. Further, the VST-02 is equipped with a comfortable rubber handgrip for comfortable use.
Falcon Eyes
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Falcon Eyes Camera Stabilizer VST-02

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Camera Stabilisator VST-02; Carry Bag + Shoulder Strap; 4 x Counterweight (200 grams)

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