Boya Professional Condenser Shotgun Microphone BY-PVM-1000L
The Boya BY-PVM1000L is a condenser shotgun microphone, suitable for all-round sound recording with your DSLR or video camera. Thanks to its special adapter, the BY-PVM1000L is mountable on both a hotshoe and 1/4 "and 3/8" male screw thread. When you use the BY-PVM1000L on the go, a high quality and noise-free sound is guaranteed. The BY-PVM1000L microphone is clamped in a shock mount with rubber rings, which minimizes cracking noise. For outdoor shooting, the BY-PVM1000L is a great tool; in addition to the standard windscreen, an extra fluffy windscreen is included, which ensures perfect sound. The condenser microphone can be powered by the 48V phantom power of your camera. If your camera does not support this option, you can also place an AA battery. In the box you will find a convenient storage case, spare rings, female XLR to male 3.5mm cable and a 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter. Usage BY-PVM1000L The BY-PVM1000L is suitable for anyone who records outdoors and wants to register the surrounding sound. Whether your filming corporate video’s, press releases, concert registrations and more. It is also possible to slide the microphone out of the holder and use it in your hand during interviews. The 1.5 meter supplied cable provides enough moving space. Differences BY-PVM1000 and BY-PVM1000L The BY-PVM1000 is 27.8 cm tall and the BY-PVM1000L is 38 cm long. This results in the fact that the BY-PVM1000L records the noise over a narrower angle and bigger distance.
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Boya Professional Condenser Shotgun Microphone BY-PVM-1000L

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Boya Manufacturer: Boya -

1x BY-PVM1000L microphone; 1x Microphone holder; 2x Windshield; 1x Storage case; 1x Reserve ring; 1x Female XLR to male 3.5mm cable; 1x 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter; 1x Packaging

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