Saramonic Universal Audio Adapter SR-AX100
The SR-AX100 from Saramonic is a functional 2-channel audio solution with basic functions for your DSLR camera. You can connect the SR-AX100 to your camera with the included 3.5mm cable. The SR-AX100 lets you use two mono or one stereo 3.5mm input channels. You can adjust the input levels with a turn knob. No battery required There is no battery needed to operate the SR-AX100. The passive system works with the phantom power of the camera. SR-AX100 in practice As an example you can use the SR-AX100 in the following way: you connect a shotgun microphone on the stereo input port. You can place him on the hotshoe on top of the SR-AX100. On both the mono input ports you can connect a lavalier microphone. This can also be wireless microphones, in that case you can place the receivers on the left and right hotshoe of the SR-AX100. The stereo-mono button lets you switch between the sound of the shotgun microphone and both lavalier microphones. Because the sound of both mono channels is send on a separate track to the camera, you can edit them separately in the editing software.
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Saramonic Universal Audio Adapter SR-AX100

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1x SR-AX100; 1x 3.5mm cable; 1x Manual; 1x Warranty card; 1x Packaging

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