BPC-GK - Studio Poly-Canvas Background role 3 x 6 m (+/- 180g/m²) - (Chroma key) Green
IlluStar Poly-canvas is made of 100% polyester .  Its thickness is double that of the paper background.  As opposed to paper, Poly-canvas cannot be torn and resists better to creasing and scratching.  Because it is dirt- and waterproof, it is much more endurable than a paper background . The colour is fixated into the polyester material so it doesn’t get vaguer like paper does. The colour is uniform which makes it ideal for chroma-key application.  Poly-canvas is mat and non-reflecting which makes it extremely suitable for professional photo- and video-sessions. The illuStar Poly-canvas is 3 metres wide and 6 metres long; it is supplied on a sturdy 3 meter cardboard transport tube; the Poly-canvas is not attached to the tube. Suited for any background-support.  These dimensions are ideal for full-body photography.  Poly-canvas has a woven structure pattern, noticeable from nearby. This texture is invisible during portrait and full-body photography sessions. The subject is best situated about 1 to 2 metres in front of the background. This distance enables a better subduing of the background shadow.  The depth-focus of the camera sees to it that the subject is separated from the background; the background is faded from the subject.  Poly-canvas is not suited for photographing subjects which are placed directly on the Poly-canvas (Product photography); for this type of work we advise illuStar-background paper or a photography-table. Cleaning : to remove eventual dirt, we advise the use of a wet sponge and some soft soap. Weight: +/- 180g/m² Indicated background support : EB-3TR – Electrical background support – 3 motorised aluminium tubes ø50mm ; length 3100mm – wireless radio-controlled remote control – to be fixed on wall or ceiling – illuStar. Fix the Poly-canvas background by means of double sided adhesive tape to the aluminium tube . The aluminium tube has the advantage that it won’t bend after extensive use, as opposed to the standard cardboard roll of paper and Poly-canvas background transport tubes. Do NOT add this product to cart if you come pick it yourself. Shipping: Because of the length of the cargo there are other shipping and/or delivery terms.  Shipping charges on demand for delivery in other countries and quantities.
BPC-GK - Studio Poly-Canvas Background role 3 x 6 m (+/- 180g/m²) - (Chroma key) Green View full size

BPC-GK - Studio Poly-Canvas Background role 3 x 6 m (+/- 180g/m²) - (Chroma key) Green

Reference: BPC-GK

illuStar Manufacturer: illuStar - Belgian brand

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