Exclusivité web ! Stereo Audio Extension Cable 3.5 mm Male - 3.5 mm Female 5m Expand

Stereo Audio Extension Cable 3.5 mm Male - 3.5 mm Female 5m



1x Stereo Audio Extension Cable 3.5 mm Male - 3.5 mm Female 5m

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This stereo 3.5mm extension cable is a handy accessory to create 6 meters of extra length for many audio applications. On one side there is a 3.5mm male jack plug and on the other side you will find a 3.5mm female jack plug. The sound output is in stereo (L / R). This is essential for recording music and interviews. If the voice of the interviewer and interviewee are recorder separately on the left and right channels, this cable makes sure both channels stay split.

Usage stereo 3.5mm extension cable
The applications for this extension cable are almost endless; For example, you can use it to provide a lavalier microphone of extra length, allowing you to place the camera further from the interviewee. This is also an ideal cable to use for the Triggertrap and Miops system, to increase the distance between your smartphone and the camera. Also for all other audio, music and multimedia situations, this cable comes in handy.

Smartphone extension cable
This cable is not suitable for smartphones because they use a different type of 3.5mm plug. If you want to use the extension cable for your smartphone, this can be done with a TRS to TRRS adapter, which you will find at the optional accessories.



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