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Saramonic Wireless Handheld Microphone HU9 for UwMic9

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1x HU9 microphone; 1x manual; 1x warranty card; 1x packaging

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The HU9 from Saramonic is a wireless handheld microphone for the UwMic9 system. You can connect the HU9 easily to the RX9 receiver (not included) to create a professional and reliable audio solution. The HU9 works on two AA-batteries, which are not included. On the detailed screen you can clearly read the most important settings, like the channel and battery level. The screen has built-in backlight, so you can also read the information in low light conditions.

Professional quality
The UwMic9 system produces a crystal clear sound and is made of high quality hardware. When you take the HU9 microphone out of the packaging, you’ll understand what we mean: a durable housing, good hardware and a detailed finish make this a high quality product.

Usage HU9
You can use the HU9 in multiple ways. Here’s an example: you want to capture an interview with your DSLR camera. You connect the RX9 (not included) to the hotshoe of your DSLR-camera with the included adapter. Next to that, you connect headphones to the ‘phone’ port of your RX9. You’re now ready for the interview. There’s an option to connect a second microphone at the same time. Please see below.

UwMic9 extension
To use the HU9, you need a RX9 receiver. The RX9 has the ability to receive to input signals at the same time. There are multiple other transmitters available. Think about the TX9 lavalier microphone (see optional accessories), an extra HU9 microphone and a XLR9 XLR-transmitter. (Last mentioned is available on request). You can control both channels individually.


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