Exclusivité web ! Falcon Eyes Fantasy Cloth FC-01 3x6 m White Expand

Falcon Eyes Fantasy Cloth FC-01 3x6 m White

Falcon Eyes Falcon Eyes



Falcon Eyes Fantasy Cloth FC-01 3x6 m White

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Depuis 1989
Votre propre studio à prix avantageux
Appareils de qualité pour le studio photo - Vidéo

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The Falcon Eyes Fantasy Cloths are thin, transparent, non-woven cloths, which can be hung or draped to create special effects. Due to the fine and translucent structure of the fantasy cloths, these cloths can be used over an existing paper or vinyl background to create a completely different effect. Shining light through these cloths gives a different effect and/or colour again making such background cloths extremely versatile. Further, if the cloth is folded in two, the cloth will no longer be translucent and will therefore, form an even background.

These cloths are available in 21 different colours.

Dimensions 3 x 6 m